Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The snow started yesterday and dropped about six inches before nightfall.  After-school activities were cancelled and meteorologists promised heavy snow during the coming night. When we awoke there was indeed quite a bit of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. 

I was relieved when we got the texts and emails alerting us that the school system was shut down for the day, as were the city offices and the University. This is the second time since we moved here that schools have closed due to snow and both times have been in this school year.  It is very unusual.  

In our house a snow day means pancakes. But Paul didn't want our regular pancakes.  He announced that they were "too white" and "didn't taste good."  This was a bit annoying to hear but I remembered that I was doing the Love One Another challenge. Day one was to "Show patience with someone" and day two was to "Overlook someone's shortcomings" so I summoned up my energy and listened to what Paul was trying to tell me and then helped him get the pancakes he wanted: large, from scratch and very well done. 

We found a video which showed how to make great pancakes from this recipe and Paul went to town mixing up the batter and cooking the cakes to his exact specifications. 

Instead of using a griddle like I've done for years the video showed a non stick frying pan, so we hunted one up and Paul greased it with a pat of butter before adding each ladle of batter.  He turned the heat way up so his cakes would be quite browned.  It got so hot that I could hardly watch him cook and I warned him that the pan would catch on fire, but of course I was wrong and it didn't, yet again proving that Mom doesn't always know what's right.    

Paul wanted large pancakes so he cooked his at least six inches across.  He topped each cake with lots of chocolate chips and set them in the oven to remain warm as he finished his cooking.  Finally he sat down to eat all the cakes at once and he was one happy boy. So happy he even let me take his picture. 

Once he was done cooking I mixed up a batch for me and Ben to share. I assure you that ours were cooked to a nice golden brown; no well done ones for us, thank you. But I have to tell you that they were the best pancakes I may have ever eaten!  Golden brown and crisp around the edges and light and fluffy in the middle with a very good flavor. The perfect breakfast for our snow day.  

The snow has stopped now and the sun is shining in that great way that the Boulder sun has. "Get outside" it calls and I think I'll go out and do some shoveling on this lovely afternoon.  


  1. the table "icing" is a great shot. I like paul's purple hair better than the green. His pancakes don't look burned, and if carbs, sugar and fat don't put a smile on your face I don't know what will!!! I love that he made them to his taste and that you allowed yourself to let him show that independence without becoming defensive. Good mommy.

  2. Kodiak Cakes. Made from whole wheat and bran, indeed healthier than the white mixes, and I think Paul would like them. They are in a brown box. Delicious. Must have real maple syrup or I think it's heresy or something.


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