Wednesday, April 20, 2016

An Ordinary Tuesday

Yesterday Ben and I did Meals on Wheels and then I went to the Front Range Contemporary Quilters monthly meeting and showed my poppy quilt in their wonderful "Show and Tell."  It was scary to stand up and talk about it and display it before such fabulous art quilters, but it's good to scare yourself sometimes and I not only survived it but enjoyed it.  

Tomorrow promises to be another full day with working at the high school for a while, meeting a friend to lift weights at the gym,  driving Paul to various activities, and some kind of hike thrown in somewhere.  Thursday is also busy with half the day spent at the local quilt guild meeting where I'm the librarian.

So it was nice that today was just a regular day with nothing on the calendar except an afternoon pilates class.  

In the morning Ben and I walked three miles across the CU campus, down to town, along the Boulder Creek path, and back up the long hill to our house.   It was cloudy when we hiked but we could still see the Flatirons.  I took this photo of Ben as he waited for me to get a drink of water in one of the CU buildings.   I still get surprised when I see the Flatirons as we walk and drive around town.

We walked in town primarily because the trails are still snow covered and wet from the big melt that's taking place in these days after the weekend storm.  It looks like the snow hasn't damaged many of the flowers or even the blossoms on the trees, which is certainly a good thing.

Back at home I spent several hours at my computer wrapping up the Tribute to Graduating Musicians slide show that I'm doing for the band and orchestra seniors at Boulder High.   I got a copy off to the teachers for review, which is always a wonderful step.  Now it's just making corrections and probably adding a few last minute additions to the photos.

Since I was on a roll I processed some new library books so they'd be ready to put out at the quilt guild meeting Thursday, updated the library records, and wrote a little blurb for the guild's upcoming newsletter.

Fetcher kept me company.  It was hard to be mad at him even though he was getting cat hair all over the Christmas quilt that I'm finishing up!

My mind has been with my sister who is still suffering from Shingles.  I wanted to send her something to make her smile despite her pain.   I thought about flowers but then decided to use Smilebox to make and send her a little slide show of photos from happier times.  I thought it turned out cute and she emailed me saying it had, indeed, made her smile.   (Even though it says "Click to View" you can't; this is just a photo.)  

Then I was off to pilates class which is really a private lesson I usually share with a friend.  She wasn't able to come today so I had a whole hour with just me and the teacher.  Which means I worked!  But I sure felt great afterwards.

When I got home Paul was home from school and came up to visit with me in my studio. Fetcher was still there snuggled up on the quilt.   He clearly was hoping to be petted and Paul did the honors. 

Ben also came home from the rock climbing gym and he brought the makings for dinner.   The menu was baked Halibut in mango sauce (ready to bake courtesy of Whole Foods), fresh broccoli with lime juice, and a new recipe from the New York Times, a mushroom stew served over polenta.   It was a complicated recipe but Ben was a patient and careful chef,  I was a very helpful sous chef, and we had fun cooking together.

No wine with dinner, just ice water with lemon, since I'm trying a regimen of "no alcohol on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday" for a while.   And no chocolate for dessert, either!  It's tough but it has helped me lose the pounds I gained over Christmas and I am sleeping better, so that's a nice reward.  

During dinner Fetcher meowed and meowed to go outside even though it was getting dark.  All afternoon he slept in the studio on my quilt and now he wants to go out?  Sorry, kitty.  Our neighbor reported that their cat went missing last week, so we are again nervous about the mountain lions, raccoons, and foxes that inhabit our neighborhood after dark.

After dinner Paul and I watched Flash on TV, one of the four shows we've been watching together this season.  Tonight was a critical episode and we held our breaths while Flash sacrificed his power of speed to the evil Zoom in order to save Wally.  If that wasn't bad enough, Zoom used his new power to snatch Kaitlyn as he flashed back into Earth Two!  Whoaaa...... who would have guessed?

 Paul is sure it is all part of a secret plan that Flash has up his sleeve, but I'm not convinced.  

Well, in order to calm down from that excitement I settled down to write this post before heading up to bed.  

It's been a great day.

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  1. Yeah, just Another Day in Paradise. You are both looking slimmer, fitter, and YOUNGER! I love it when I get up and check the calendar and find an empty's like a gift. And don't you just love when people ask what do you do all day now that you're retired? I hope your sister's shingles go away soon, I have not had it but know many, many people who have, and they say it's really horrible.


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