Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Around Here

Around here....It's definitely spring.   We had several sunny days with temperatures in the low seventies, perfect weather to welcome the tulips which have come into full bloom.

Around here...The beautiful weather lured us outside to begin the season's gardening tasks.  We worked hard last weekend to clean up the perennial bed on College Avenue, weed out the raised gardens in the back yard, and sweep up the patio and deck.  It's nice to revisit the improvements we made last year in the yard and to dream about future changes.

I'm experimenting with a new seating area under the oak tree next to the raised beds so I can sit and watch the goings on along College Avenue and admire the Sanitas mountains in the distance...

...and we bought more frost proof pots for the patio.

Around here....The good weather put indoor work like quilting on the back burner for a few days but i did manage to make the next block in the Leah Day Machine Quilting Block party challenge.  When I finished I realized something was wrong with it; can you tell what?

Around here...We're in for several chilly days with off and on rain showers, perfect for catching up on indoor work like reversing the position of the lower left yellow and white four-patch on that quilt block.

Around here...We're hoping the rain showers won't hold up the crews that the city is sending around this week to remove all the brush piles that now line the city streets.   These are the result of the many branches that broke off the trees during the March 24th snowstorm.   They are taking up much needed parking spaces and they're also ugly and we're ready to see them go!

Around here...The big news is about Paul.  For the past few months he has been playing with eight other Boulder High kids in a band focusing on ska music.  The other day they auditioned for the Battle of the Bands which will be part of the Boulder Creek Festival over Memorial Day.   It was great fun to watch the audition and even more fun to hear that they had been accepted into the competition!

There are good days and bad days in the parenting lifetime, and watching Paul perform was one of the good ones.  He was sick and had just started around of antibiotics but he made it to the audition and did great.  

If you'd like to see the video I took of one of their audition performances, click here.  In the Battle of the Bands Paul will play one of the solos that the trumpet played in the audition since Paul was sick. 

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  1. a band is a great place to belong. I was in marching and concert bands for six years throughout school and loved it. Those are still the only people I'd like to see again from high school.


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