Monday, May 30, 2016

Bolder Boulder Citizens Race

It sure was a great Memorial Day weekend.  

On Friday we scraped and cleaned the deck so we could start repainting it and by this evening Ben had gotten at least one coat down everywhere.  

Our good friend Raymond was enjoying a visit by his sister and her husband and we had all of them over for dinner on Friday which was great fun.   The entree was Short Ribs with Chinese Flavors, a New York Times recipe which I highly recommend as it is made ahead and tastes great.  Be sure to make it a day ahead and chill it and degrease it the next day before reheating. 

Paul and I joined Ben and some friends for breakfast after they had gone climbing in the gym on Saturday morning, and that was fun.  Paul mostly goes for the chocolate chip pancakes but I love hearing him make more grown up conversation while sharing a meal.    

Saturday afternoon I had a very successful clothes shopping excursion with a girlfriend and you know that actually finding clothes when you're looking for them puts one in a very good mood!  

Paul played in his ska band at the Battle of the Teen Bands at the Boulder Creek Festival on Sunday which was very exciting.  They came in second place, which was awesome considering that they've played together such a short time and just a month ago only knew two songs.  

This afternoon we enjoyed visiting with a neighbor at their Memorial Day party. 

But for me the most fun was checking out the 38th annual Bolder Boulder Citizens Race this morning.  About 50,000 people ran or walked a 10K course through town and seemed to have a great time doing it.   I walked part of the course as a spectator just observing all the action, taking photos and movies, and enjoying the fifteen or so live bands that played along the route.  

Paul played in one of the groups, the Boulder High School Pep Band, which cheered on the crowd as it moved up the final leg of the race, a hill leading up into the CU Stadium.  Four hours of beating on drums, playing the bari sax, and yelling at the top of your lungs; no wonder the boy is tired out tonight.   

You'll see the pep band at the end of this video which I made to capture the spirit of the Citizens Race.   If the "play" button doesn't work try clicking this address.  To see what happens after the runners get into the stadium, pop over to post from last year.   

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