Monday, May 23, 2016

The Weekend

Ben's birthday was on Saturday.  We celebrated by taking the first bike ride of the season.  It was a short ride but a good one.   Ben's long time friend Raymond shares the same birthday and we joined him and several friends for a Japanese Yakatori barbecue at Raymond's house, which was delicious. A beautiful night, good friends, and great food; what could be a better way to celebrate a birthday?  

The birthday boys got a full moon for their birthday; did you notice it? That's Venus to the right.  Quite a sight.

It was graduation weekend at Boulder High and Paul played in the grad band.  You'd think that Paul's purple hair would make him easy to spot but the since the school's colors are purple and gold it was a sea of purple.  Look for him in the center, right below the drummer.   

The first of the early poppies are blooming!  None of ours are yet, but we've spotted several as we walk in the neighborhood.  I love poppies and we didn't have them in Maryland so they are a treat for me to see. 

The weekend weather was wonderful and it drew everyone outside to garden or have fun.  On a walk back from Chautauqua we spotted these festive young folk having a great time in their colorful hammocks.  

I got started on a new machine stitched piece using a poppy I drew with Pentel pastel dye sticks.  This is for a small group challenge due June 9th and it isn't going as well as I'd like so I had to laugh when I saw this photo on Pinterest.  A ready supply of chocolate does sometimes really help when a sewing project isn't working out.  Too bad it's so bad for hiking and biking!  

Speaking of which, I also found this handy reminder of the benefits of walking and posted it on my fridge.  I've gotten to really like walking, but it doesn't hurt to remember that it's good for you as well as fun.  


  1. yep, I was with you on the walking stats til obesity. Man, no matter how far or fast I walk, the weight will not be shifted it seems! I love to walk and will enjoy knowing about the benefits now. LeeAnna

  2. Love to walk! Don't do it nearly enough as I should. I should print out that little poster as an incentive!


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