Friday, May 13, 2016


Finished, indeed!  Good grief, I started this piece way back in October.  

Last fall my art quilt group challenged me to make a quilt using complimentary colors.  To get started I used a store bought stencil to put a design of blue Shiva oil stick on a bright orange fabric. 

Since I was into free form curved piecing, I added curved strips above and below the block.  I had so much fun doing that it was hard to stop, but it was getting pretty long so I finally had to! 

 Over several months I gradually added stitching of various kinds. 

 First I machine stitched down fat yarns like the gray line you see in this photo with the tuffs hanging off the stitching.  

Then I added decorative stitches that were built into my sewing machine, like the blue zig zag you see on the gold fabric.  

And finally I added hand stitching, like the orange and yellow marks on the dark blue fabric.

Doing the stitching was soothing and seeing the results was fun, but it did take a while, not only to do the work but to make all the decisions about what to add to the piece.  I also stitched around all the blue Shiva oil paint stenciling.

Finally it was time to stop so I finished it off with this multicolored binding

I always have to have cool backs on my quilts, even though no one sees them.  

It seemed like the piece wanted to be a table runner but Fetcher insists on sitting on any quilt that he finds handy and I couldn't bare the thought of all his cat hair on all that stitching so I hung it up as a scroll.  I like how it livens up the corner of the dining room.

Seeing that I was writing about this piece my sweet husband just got out "the good camera" and took an excellent photo of the quilt; isn't he nice?

He always likes to have me in his photos, so here I am next to my art work.  

Did you notice my new haircut?  And that I lost the pounds I had gained over the holidays?  Yes, those holidays, the ones that happened five months ago.  Well, better late than never!   For both losing extra pounds and for finishing quilts!


  1. very flattering haircut and picture with the quilt. That looks like one you could use for an exhibit actually. The quilt is great. Love the handwork. And I've been hanging table runners for years, I love the long format for a wall. Applause!


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