Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Concert

As I type it is raining cats and dogs outside.  We're in for a weekend of rain intermixed with showers, not such a great forecast for the CU graduation this morning and Mother's Day tomorrow.

But we've had a week of glorious sunshine and warm weather so we can't complain.  Here's a photo a friend took of me and Ben on a hike yesterday; notice the blue skies and the short sleeve t-shirts.

But this morning the rain was moving in over the Flatirons as you see in this photo I took from our balcony when I woke up.  At least we're not going to have snow, as we did the last two Mother's Day weekends!

This week has been a busy one with two spring concerts at school.  Paul played in the Wind Ensemble at the band concert Tuesday night and then with the full orchestra last night.  Both included tributes to graduating seniors, for which I had volunteered for various jobs.   The main one was the senior slide show, a juxtaposition of baby pictures and senior pictures that was shown before the concert.  Finishing that project up was a big tick off my "to do" list.

Each senior was given a yellow rose tied with a purple ribbon and getting them ready was another job I took on.

At first I thought that any color roses would do, so I wasn't concerned about finding ones to buy.  But the day before the first concert I learned they had to be yellow, and the hunt was on.  I went to six stores before I found what I needed.  Apparently yellow is not a common rose color these days, at least not in supermarkets where you get the best price on a dozen roses.  Just a few minutes ago I was in a grocery store and noticed its lovely rose display.  But sure enough, not a single bunch of their roses were yellow.  For the second concert I needed four dozen yellow roses, but by then I had figured out how to preorder them.  

After I'd finished messing around with five dozen yellow roses during the week, I was pretty smitten with them.  Aren't they beautiful?  I think I'll buy myself two dozen next week and just enjoy them.

Both of the concerts were quite good, and last night's was especially fun as over 200 musicians, most in full costume, on the stage playing "Star Wars."  The violinists had affixed "glow in the dark" strips to their bows which looked cool when the lights were turned down, as you might see in this photo.

Paul dressed as a storm trooper and looked mighty fine.  In all the rush to get to school on time --you try carrying four dozen roses in vases of water to school! --we didn't get a photo of him.  Think I can coax him into it as a Mother's Day present for me? 


  1. what fun! Yellow roses are among my favorites. The first time I got a bouquet was from my Canadian boyfriend, sent to me in FL. all yellow as I had told him it was my favorite! Did you sit and pick off the thorns too?

  2. Wow, that's pretty cool! The Star Wars costumes and all. I never thought about yellow roses being so "rare." Who knew!


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