Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Very Good Birthday

My birthday party on Saturday was great fun with good food and good friends, one of which remembered that I love German Chocolate cake.  What a surprise when she showed up with one!  I don't know which I liked better, the lobster rolls or the cake; everything was wonderful. 

On Sunday I sent to see Paul's band play at a party in a house up one of the nearby canyons.   I enjoyed hearing them play and tried mighty hard to take some decent photos, but to no avail.  The one below is the best I could do.  

One of the songs they do is Streetlight Manifesto's "Somewhere in the Between" which has this chorus:  

So you were born, and that was a good day
Someday you'll die
And that is a shame
But somewhere in the between was a life of which we all dream
And nothing and no one will ever take that away.

If you're lucky that just about sums up life, don't you think?

That Handsome Dog Gus was at my birthday party and is now spending a few days with us.  He is wants to make friends with Fetcher and is doing his best to not rush at the cat or otherwise be too imposing since this is, after all, Fetcher's home.  Good dog, Gus!

Fetcher, on the other hand, is in the doghouse with us since he didn't come home last night until well after midnight.  Whatever he did all night sure tired him out because he was still sleeping in my studio at noon, making himself comfortable on the ironing board.  Ben says Fetcher left us a mouse on the driveway, but if he thinks that makes up for coming home so late, he is wrong!  Bad Fetcher.  Neither Ben nor I can sleep well if Fetcher isn't home, so I sure hope he comes in by bedtime tonight. 

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