Sunday, August 28, 2016

Around Here

Around here sunflowers are blooming everywhere, looking so colorful and carefree.  On some streets the sidewalks are lined with them.  I love these happy flowers and used them as the focus of this month's block in my Machine Quilting Block Party quilt.  

This fellow popped out of the sewer the other day when a rainstorm caught him and his family down under the street.  It seems that when the heavy rain comes down the critters down in the sewers come up.  Usually Ben and I are not out on the streets in a storm but we got caught as we were walking home from lunch.  This is only my third raccoon sighting though they apparently live among us, as do foxes (I've seen two), bears (zero), coyote (one), and mountain lions (zero). 

Have you heard that VW is offering to buy back the cars affected by the company's emissions scandal?  Well, I'm one of cheated customers.   I got my buy back offer the other day and was soon out test driving the Honda CR-V.  It's a big bigger than my Golf, has all wheel drive --so good in the snow-- and is fun and smooth to drive.  But it only comes in automatic and I'd miss my stick shift.  And as nice as the extra interior space is when a tall person like Paul is riding in the car, those extra inches on the exterior would make parking it a tad more tricky in the tight Boulder parking lots.   Luckily I have several months to decide what to do.  If the emissions fix doesn't ruin the zippy ride, I may just keep my Golf and put winter tires on it for additional snow traction.

Speaking of Paul, he was thrilled the the band Too Many Zooz was in town Friday night to play at a theater a few blocks from our house.  The main attraction for Paul was the baritone sax player, who has come up with an interesting sound.  You can hear it if you click on the first recording on this site.  Since it was a 10:00 PM show near a college campus Ben and I went with him and while the crowd in the theater was "a good bunch," as Ben said,  it was party time outside on the streets at 11:30.   It was the end of the first week of school and everyone was celebrating.  Could I just say that the clothes young women wear nowadays distracts me and I'm not a young buck.  To which Paul just rolls his eyes and says "Oh, Mom."

And again speaking of Paul, I had to laugh when I read this in a magazine in the doctor's office this week.  So true.

Gus That Handsome Dog spent a few days with us a week or so ago.  He's getting to be quite a member of the household!  Do you think he looks comfortable?

I was up at 10,000 feet this morning hiking with a friend and it's quite cool up there now.  I had to hunt up my Smartwool hiking shirt.  Winter is coming!

I took these photos while I was out.  Seemed like there was texture everywhere I looked today.

 I'm looking forward to a mostly quiet week with temperatures in the 80's.  I think the hot days are over!

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