Friday, August 19, 2016


It was the first day of school at Boulder High today which meant that the day began much earlier than it has lately.  I got up at 6:15 am to make sure Paul was up.  Sure enough he had slept through his 6:00 alarm having been up past midnight packing his backpack, studying his schedule, and feeling nervous about his new teachers.   The latter surprised me since every single one of them has a reputation for being "fabulous."   Lucky kid, yes?  

And he got an "off" period right before lunch.  Whoohoo!  80 minutes on your own in the middle of the school day; how great is that? His parents are less enthusiastic but we're hopeful he will use the time well.   And --yes, there's more -- he got into the coveted Digital Design class, which is usually filled with Seniors.   So he was a happy camper this morning, though a bit bleary eyed.  

I like that school starts on Friday since it gives everyone a chance to get into the new routine before school seriously starts on Monday.  

I was very glad to see this Friday roll around as it's been a very busy week.  Monday I met a friend for an early hike, then did Meals on Wheels, and in the evening went to the Front Range Contemporary Quilters meeting to hear and see a presentation by Deidre Adams.  I spent much of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday at Boulder High's Back to School Check-in Day giving out information about the Instrumental Music Parents Association, of which I'm this year's chair.  For those of you who haven't seen the inside of a high school lately, here's a photo of part of the cafeteria set up for check-in.  Can you tell the school's colors are purple and gold?  

Yesterday I went to the monthly meeting of the quilt guild here in Boulder where I worked hard setting up and taking down the library and generally doing librarian things, had fun socializing (I'm starting to know people!), and enjoyed hearing the speaker, Tamara Leberer, and looking at her work.  In the evening we went to a neighbor's for dinner.

After such busy days I was looking forward to Friday with its almost empty calendar.  Once Paul got off to school I went to pilates class and then puttered around making some order from the chaos of the week.  Around noon Ben and I went for long hike up in Chautauqua.  A storm was rolling in and the sky was quite dramatic.

In the photo below we're looking a bit more to the east.  All the red roofs are at the CU-Boulder campus.  Classes start up again on Monday and students moved back in this week -- more busy activity.  

The cold front has brought us some nice cool weather.  The forecasted highs this weekend are only in the upper 70's and everyone says that that hot days are over.  In any case, there are signs that fall is right around the corner. 

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