Monday, August 22, 2016

Sometimes It's Best Not to Know

Yesterday Ben & I hiked a trail up Flagstaff Mountain which was a loop of about three miles.  Ben was ready for more and wanted to go to the summit but I don't like that part of the trail and suggested that we pick up the Amphitheater Trail in Chautauqua, a trail I'd never been on.  It was only a half mile but that trail about did me in!  Here's a description of it:

"...climbs steeply from the Gregory Canyon trailhead to the Saddle Rock is made up almost exclusively of waterbeds and stone steps.  It will have your legs burning in no time as it makes is way up to a junction with Saddle Rock Trail."   

In other words, it was one set of steep stone staircases after another.  I kept going because it had been my idea and I was sure that each set of steps had to be the last.  But no, gosh darn it, there's another, and another, and another.  

But yes, finally, finally, we reached the junction with the Saddle Rock trail and headed down.  I do love down! In all we hiked over six miles and about half of that was up.

I would never have hiked the Amphitheater Trail if I'd read the description first.  Sometimes it's best not to know. 

The rest of the day was relaxing and pleasant.  We had neighbors over for a drink in the evening and enjoyed getting to know them better as the cool evening descended.   It was so chilly this morning that we had to close the patio door while we had coffee.


  1. Mary...when my new boss moved here from Minnesota, he decided to have a team meeting at Chautauqua and we hiked that trail. It was hard on the California and Bostom team members and ME. Your a trooper.

  2. down is hard too... I remember climbing around glaciers in Canada... screaming thigh muscles


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