Monday, October 24, 2016

Around Here

Around Here...

My thoughts turn often to Ben.  It's 9:00 am here so he's probably fast sleep after a day of hiking near Beni. His itinerary says:  Trail continues gradual uphill until we reach Beni.  This beautiful open area is situated below the secret Mountain of this region.  Local people brings their yaks up here during the monsoon season.  Overnight in tent. 

From this I take it they are camping in the countryside around Beni, rather than staying in the town itself. Here's a photo of Beni which I found online showing how the town is at the junction of two rivers. 

Taken by Dilip Raj Baral

Tomorrow and Wednesday are the last hiking days.  They'll go up to about 15,000 feet and see some "magnificent views of three secret mountains in this region."  Should be a beautiful way to end the trek.

I went to a benefit held in the interesting Swoon Art House here in Boulder.  I've been fascinated with this building which is located on a busy street at the edge of the residential North Boulder neighborhood.  There are many small artist studios in NOBO, but this rather large residence and studio for artist Rebecca DiDomenico really stands out.   Last year I took several photographs of it as part of my online photography class.  

The Art House isn't open to the public so I was excited when my friend Sara asked me to go with her to a benefit being held there for Blue Sky Bridge, a local group that provides support services to child victims of physical and sexual abuse.    Here's a photo I took as I arrived.

I know Sara from our work together for Boulder High's Instrumental Music Parents Association. Two years ago I answered her call for help to shop for the end of the year music banquet and we bonded while buying several hundred hamburgers at Costco.  Later I found out that she is also a volunteer educator for Blue Sky Bridge, giving presentations about abuse to 3rd grade classrooms in the area schools.  And with the rest of her spare time she sews wine bags and garlands from old silk ties!

We had a fun evening together....  


...checking out the Art House and its installations.  Several interesting pieces by Rebecca were on display including this one which used fiber.  

I've already voted!  Aren't you jealous?  Voting by mail is the best thing ever, especially since Colorado voters not only get their ballot by mail but big booklets full of handy information about all the issues, including "For" and "Against" analysis.  

Boulder High's annual Haunted House is legendary and this year I got up the courage to go. Traipsing through dark hallways and up and down wire steps while mad scientists and their patients (usually covered in blood or missing body parts) jump out and scare you isn't my idea of a fun time but I did admire the theatrical sets and performances.  Paul came, too, but of course he hung out with his friends.  It was Sara who got me to go, as her three boys have all been active in the Haunted House for years.   

I saw this on Facebook the other day and had to laugh.  I actually had a good time at parent-teacher conferences this year since Paul is doing well so far, knock on wood.  It was a real pleasure to hear Paul and his teachers talk about his work.  He's so lucky to have all outstanding teachers this year. 

I got caught up in a fun sewing project over the weekend.  It has something to do with Day of the Dead sugar skulls, and I'll tell you about it soon.  

Right before he left Ben and I signed up for Blue Apron, an online service that sends customers ingredients and recipes for three meals for two people each week.   Everything comes on Friday in one big box. 

All the food they send is perfectly fresh and portion controlled.  Check out that lovely lemon.  

Everything you need to make the recipe is sent to you except for olive oil and salt and pepper.

You get excellent instructions on how to cook the meal and additional tips and videos are available online.

 What I like about Blue Apron so far is that I don't have to go food shopping in order to have a great dinner.  And I'm trying all sorts of things I hadn't before, such as making a curry using powdered coconut milk, or making a burger from pork instead of beef.

You wouldn't think that a pork burger topped with pickled beets and a sauce made with goat cheese would taste great, but it sure did.  So delicious, if fact, that after I finished mine I ate the one that was meant for Ben!  (Hey, I hadn't eaten much during the day I and was hungry.)

I'm not hawking for Blue Apron but as a new customer I did get several passes for free meals that I can send on to anyone interested in trying it, so let me know if you are.

Our weather has swung back up to "warm" again, with highs in the mid to upper seventies all this week.   The fall colors continue to be very beautiful.  This is the tree outside our North balcony, with just a glimpse of the 1st Flatiron in the background. 

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  1. I love those Mexican sugar skulls, and also Catrina dolls. The whole DOD holiday is fascinating to me, I think it's pretty cool. We voted last week--gotta love absentee voting! We will be away on Election Day this year, but we have absentee-voted for years. Many of my friends here in Del Webb sing the praises of Blue Apron, but I have yet to try it. I will someday. Amazon Prime is another one. Who needs an expensive retirement community when you have so many services at your fingertips.


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