Saturday, October 22, 2016

News from Nepal

I last heard from Ben on Monday morning when he called to say that our friends John and Lori had fallen on the first day of the trek.  John broke his ankle and was helicoptered out and he and Lori were coming home.  Yikes!   It was a sketchy connection at best but at least I got that important news.

This morning I again heard from Ben, this time by text.  

Ben:  Hi guys!  Pretty good time here....

Ben:  Arduous hiking...hard to compare with anything in CO.  Looking forward to showering and clean clothes.

Me:  Great to hear from you!

Ben:  Hi Love

Me:  Was the photo taken just now?

Ben:  Making friends!  Photo is from 2 days ago.  Wifi going off soon.

Me:  OK...loved the pics. 

Then Ben send this photo to our cat loving friend, Inger.

Ben:  Hi from Nepal...Doing ok. 

Inger:  What a handsome and exotic cat!  Thanks Ben!

It's not much, but it's enough!  


  1. he's alive and having a good time. I like the photo of the ladies. They are beautiful. What open faces.

  2. Great photo! The people over there are wonderful.


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