Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Day After

We got a text from Paul yesterday telling us that he was "doing the no hate just love protest outside for school."

I didn't know what that meant so I checked the Daily Camera online and found out that a couple hundred Boulder High students were outside the school with signs saying things like "No place for hate at BHS" and "Love not hate."

I have to say that hearing this brought tears to my eyes.  I was so proud of the kids and especially for Paul for readily joining them.  It was an anti-Trump protest, but the focus was on exactly what I'm upset about -- Trump's hatred and bigotry.

Paul came home with this button, which sums it up. 

I had other reasons to be proud yesterday.  

First, Hillary's concession speech and Obama's remarks, both of which upheld the democratic process. 

What a class acts!  

I agree with them.   America did choose a new president and that means he'll be my president.  That's democracy in action, folks.  

I've never liked any Republican presidents, but they were still the president of my country.   Trump's mean spirit and ugliness is unprecedented for sure and I'm prepared to drag myself out of the comforts of my home and daily life to fight that if it continues, but he is still the president-elect of my country.  

Second, both my old home state, Maryland, and my new one, Colorado both went blue.  Wheeha!

Third, I was proud of Colorado for passing Proposition 106, Medical Aid in Dying, known as the "right to die" initiative, and also Amendment 70, which raises the minimum wage to $12 a hour by January 2020.  I love living in a progressive state. 

And lastly, while I wasn't "proud," I was very happy that California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine all voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana.  Yeah!  Fewer people going to jail for using a drug that I equate with alcohol.  

 And North Dakota, Arkansas, and Montana all approved or expanded medical use of marijuana.  Another Yeah!  Fewer people in pain, fewer patients nauseated from chemotherapy, and more people sleeping better at night.  In my book that's a good thing.      

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  1. I think if we get rid of the electoral college and count popular votes we'll be a Democracy by definition. I'm not sure, I don't know much, I do know I wouldn't hire a man who says what he does, to do anything.


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