Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"...and the World Still Spins"

I spent yesterday in a class on how to use acrylic rulers to do machine quilting.  It was a good diversion from the tensions of Election Day.  I had a bad feeling about the election and certainly needed a distraction. 

Early in the evening I went up to Longmont for a quilt guild meeting where I received a third place Viewer's Choice ribbon for a quilt I had hung in the guild's recent show.  That was a nice surprise and another welcome diversion.  

When I went into the meeting the Democrats were doing okay but by the time I had come out they were beginning to sink.  And, as we know, things got grimmer as the evening progressed. 

I'm still in shock.  I've seen some bad Presidents but I've never seen one who is as racist, arrogant, misogynist, crude, hateful and unprepared as our new one.  I hope that as he assumes the mantle of the Presidency he will become more rational and inclusive.  But even I don't have that much hope and optimism.  

It was beautiful this morning and we had promised to walk Gus so out we went.   It was good to see the beautiful Flatirons and and the lovely mountains.   The words to one of the songs in Hamilton kept ringing through my mind, the line in "What Did I Miss?" when Jefferson comes back from Paris and sings "France is following us to revolution, there is no more status quo; but the sun comes up and the world still spins."     

Gus found a big stick and his enjoyment of it reminded me that everything is better when you're enjoying the things you love.  


  1. amen sister.
    The pic of ben and gus is great.

  2. As a fellow Dem & Coloradoan, I too remain shocked, disappointed, completely overwhelmed and under prepared for Tuesday's results. While I'd love to be optimistic, I fear the worst in this case. A lifetime history of doing despicable acts and saying outrageous things do not bode well as we watch the new president's learning curve. Alas there is nothing to do but wait and see and keep reminding ALL elected officials what we want even BEFORE the next election. Then we can hold them accountable. Too often we vote, then hibernate then become seduced by a shiny new candidate and vote for that 'change' without doing our homework. As members of a democracy, it is our duty to be fully engaged, not just when we pull the lever in order to make it work properly.

  3. Mary--congrats on your quilting award. You are a multi versatile artist!


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