Friday, December 2, 2016

Hello, December!

It has started to snow lightly while I sit at my computer this morning.  It's very pretty and festive but since I'm supposed to drive about 45 minutes out to Erie at noon to do some quilting I'm not totally happy seeing the flakes fall.  

Well, it is now December and we have moved out of our long beautiful Indian Summer and into the beginning of winter.   Our snow today isn't supposed to amount to much but it's a cold, damp thirty degrees, which isn't too pleasant.  

Our Christmas decorating is done and I love having the house lit with cheerful lights now that it is dark by 4:30.   

Ben and I strung some garland and lights around the front door.....

...and I made this little decoration for the planter with things I found in my holiday boxes and around the house and yard.  I thought it turned out nicely.  

Paul and I decorated this cute tree which was given to us by a friend last year.  

We were both in the mood for a real tree but it wasn't practical given our travel plans.  I quite like this silver one, but I've promised Paul that next year, for sure, we'll do a big, real tree!  

Seems like there was a lot going on this week, but the main event for me was finishing up the Boulder High music program's wreath and flower sale.  I was responsible for the sale last year which about drove me crazy since we sold nineteen different products.  That wasn't working, so this year we cut back to only seven products and as Chair of the music parent's group I didn't manage the sale, just helped the new coordinator.  She was wonderful and it was so fun to get to know her; meeting new people can be a great side effect of volunteer work!

Although we simplified everything it is still a big job to receive 217 wreath and 120 plants and get them picked up by the students who sold them so they could deliver them to their customers.  All the profits from the sale went directly into the student's "music accounts" which are managed by the parent support group and from which students can request payment for music lessons and other related music needs.  So it's a good thing, and well worth the effort.

Still, I'm glad it's done!  And I love the wreath Paul sold us. 

Well, it's still lightly snowing.  It's time to get ready to leave for Erie though it's mighty tempting to follow Fetcher's lead and just hunker down in this nice warm house. 


  1. I wish I could find a little silver tree like's the perfect size. And very pretty.


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