Thursday, December 8, 2016

The First Big Snow

 It snowed Tuesday leaving us with about seven inches of beautiful powder which is glistening today in the bright sunshine.  It's bitter cold, only two degrees when I had to drive to the VW dealer early this morning, but it's due to warm up to the high forties by Sunday.

 The snow and cold didn't keep me and Lotus from heading to the Denver Art Museum yesterday to Star Wars And the Power of Costume, a display of seventy original costumes from all seven of the Star War films and a exploration of the creative process of imagining and designing them.    

 I was quite struck with the rich textures of the costumes...

...and enjoyed seeing how the design process worked.

On Saturday night before the snowfall Ben and I went downtown to see the annual Parade of Lights. Paul was in the drum line which opened the parade and it was great fun to see him march and to just enjoy the scene.


On Sunday a friend and I went on a tour of homes in the historic Mapleton neighborhood.   The holiday decorations were beautiful .....

...and I liked seeing how many owners had successfully incorporated modern furniture and design with the old architecture.  

I was thrilled to see this old marble fireplace....

...which looked remarkably similar to the one we had in our Maryland home.  Brought back a lot of wonderful memories. 

My CU Women's basketball team has now won all eight of its games this season and tonight I'm going to see them play their old rival, Colorado State University.  I know it will be an exciting game and I sure hope they win! 

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