Thursday, December 29, 2016

Home From the Islands

We went back to the islands for Christmas.  This was our fifth trip to the Caribbean and our third trip 
to St. John in the US Virgin Islands.     

Do we look happy? We were!  It was so nice to be together and share such a fun vacation. We all love St. John.

It's so odd to plan a trip in April that won't happen until the end of December, and especially odd in this case since so much of it was fairly casually arranged.  The boat charter captain says "Yes, I can take you out on Christmas Day" and that's all you have to go on; just his word that you're "in the book."  And yet on Christmas Day you show up at the dock at 8:30 and there he is, just as he said he'd be.  And you have a great day with him on his fast and comfortable boat, snorkeling, seeing the sights, and having lunch at a cool place new to you with a fun island vibe.  

Given that there are boat rides to arrange, an apartment to rent, a jeep to reserve, meals to arrange, flights to coordinate, all months and months ahead of the actual event, it's amazing how smoothly it all works out in the end.  

The only real glitch was that our internet was weak.  Boy, was it weak!  I never could get Blogger to work and finally put up a few photos on Facebook and reminded myself I was on vacation and to stop fretting about my blog.   

 It wasn't so hard;  the warm breezy weather was perfect for being at the beach.....

....or lazily watching the harbor activities from our lovely balcony.

 We traveled eighteen hours yesterday, arriving home after midnight.  We now have fetched Fetcher and Spikey from their temporary homes,  have unpacked, and have reviewed what seems like a million photos.

But my eyelids are heavy.  I promise a fuller travel report tomorrow.!

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