Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Eve Surprise

Last year Paul was in a band that played ska music.  Although all the members were students at Boulder High School, it wasn't a school band.  They rehearsed on the weekends and didn't perform at any school functions.  Instead they worked hard to be ready to play at the Boulder Creek Teen Festival where they won second place out of about six bands.

Paul had a lot of fun with the band and when seven of the ten members graduated last May and it looked like the band was finished, I was sorry.   But this fall the trombone player took the lead and reorganized the group and got it playing again.

On New Year's Eve they played at the Nomad Theater, a small neighborhood theater in north Boulder. It wasn't a paid gig but rather a friendly show for the benefit of invited family and friends.

Of course Ben and I went to see the performance and to our amazement the band played extremely well.  It was a lot of fun!

The surprise was seeing how Paul had progressed since last year.  Last spring he didn't play any solo lines.  When it was time for his baritone saxophone to shine for a few moments he let the alto saxophone player do the honors.   But this year he played his solo rifs, and played them with confidence.   We were so happy for him!

The father of one of the musicians is a professional photographer and took wonderful photos of the kids during their dress rehearsal.

Did you notice Paul's newly dyed purple hair?  That was one of his Christmas presents. 

Well, school starts tomorrow, bringing these lovely holidays to an official close.   It's going to be a cold and snowy week, with show showers this morning and then a larger snowfall Wednesday into Thursday.  

Today we'll take down the Christmas tree.  As if he knew of our plans, Spikey crawled up the base of the tree yesterday for a cozy nap!  Live it up now, Spikester, it will be gone by tomorrow!

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