Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snow Day

What does it take for the Boulder Valley School District to declare a snow day? If today is an indication, a foot of snow and temperatures in the single digits.

It's a lot of snow but it's the light, fluffy beautiful type that's lovely to look at and fairly easy to shovel.

It started yesterday morning and is still snowing this morning.  This is the scene yesterday when I drove to meet a friend for lunch.  Yes, I did say "I drove."  I'm learning to drive in the snow; whoohoo!    

Ben dug himself out this morning and drove to the indoor climbing gym, but I plan to spend the day indoors.  I'm making split pea soup and I have a new quilt underway.  It's a travel-themed one for my sister Jean, who loves to travel. 

I'm starting with this fun fabric that features the Travelocity Gnome at various landmarks around the world.   

 First step is to cut out each of the vignettes.   And after that?  Well, you never know when you're not working from a pattern!   Good thing Jean is flexible and will probably like whatever I make.

We've had workmen in the house the past few days tiling the 1st floor bath, but they are done and the next step, painting, doesn't happen until Monday, so it is blissfully quiet here this morning.  

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  1. unbelievable it's actually snowing here. And I drove in it! I wanted just the right kind of beads so I drove to Edgewater to the new bead shop. Survived the drive! LeeAnna


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