Thursday, January 26, 2017

On the Camera

Looking on the iPhone camera I found these photos, little glimpses of our daily life.

Fetcher continues to believe that everything in our house is set up just for his enjoyment.

Paul has been joining Ben and his rock climbing chums for brunch most Saturdays.  I think he likes the company, but I know he loves the chocolate milk shake!

We celebrated Paula's birthday last Sunday.  I made a killer German Chocolate cake but I think the culinary winner was Ray's homemade lasagna.  

Spikey's poses have been quite amusing lately.  This is how I found him the other morning when I came downstairs to turn on his daytime lights.

We've had a rash of problems with "things" lately but they've been resolved fairly easily.  Ben's car was hit in a parking lot but at least the driver took responsibility and left a note.  My car's battery died and I couldn't start it yesterday, but that was fixed with a jump start from Ben.   My  Bernina sewing machine wouldn't stitch out anything but a straight stitch and I had to take it into the shop, but that problem turned out to be an "operator error."  While in the shop I resisted buying this lovely set of quilting rulers --for $150!-- since I had recently spent about that much joining the national and Colorado American Civil Liberties Union.  

We're getting meals from Blue Apron every few weeks now.  Last night we made a sauteed chicken with mashed potatoes and a lightly creamed kale, which was very tasty.

Given all the alarming news from Washington, I'm taking time to look for and enjoy the beauty and peace that is around us.  Hope you are, too!

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  1. love the pics
    food looks wonderful, Fetcher and Spikey are adorable, the iris is brilliant color


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