Sunday, January 29, 2017

Big Finishes

My sister-in-law, Dawn, and Ben's brother, John, were here this weekend from Virginia to find a house to buy in preparation for their move here the first of August .  They invited me to go with them as they looked at houses on Friday and Saturday.  It was so interesting to see all the amazing homes and to help filter though them.  They fell in love with the last house they saw Friday, so much so that they almost cancelled their appointments on Saturday.  But since the realtor had set up several showings they went ahead with them.  Much to their surprise they saw house after house on Saturday which they loved, mostly because the neighborhood they saw Saturday had fabulous view of the Front Range.  Each house was better than the last until at the end the very last house they saw was declared to be "the one."  

It's a beauty, large enough for all of Dawn's family to come visit and cozy enough to feel like a home. And it's only a nice 25-30 minute drive from us.  It will lovely to have them so close!

Here's a view of Long's Peak to give you an idea of the lovely the views from their new house.  The master bedroom balcony and the great room below both have fabulous views like this as does the whole neighborhood.  

Finding the house of their dreams was a big finish to the first step of the many steps that will bring John and Dawn's family to this area.

Dawn & John helped me and Ben and Paul and I finish this finish this fun jig saw puzzle that my sister, Jean, gave us for Christmas.  Thanks to Jean puzzle mania is spreading; our friends Ray and Paula are busy working on one and we've ordered another, "Puppy Pals," which is mighty cute!  It will be here Wednesday and I can't wait.


  1. I want that house. It looks like one I clipped out of a magazine for my wish wall.

  2. The Longs Peak view has Mount Meeker, 13916', in the foreground. Behind and to the right, in the shadow, is Longs Peak, 14,259', first climbed on August 23, 1868. The first ascent party included John Wesley Powell, of Grand Canyon/Colorado river fame. To the right, is Mount Lady Washington, 13,281'.

  3. I haven't worked a jigsaw puzzle in years. Now I have to order one! So much fun.


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