Thursday, February 2, 2017

Five Things I'm Enjoying Right Now

Our lovely warm sunny weather is taking a break and we had a night of freezing rain which caused all kinds of trouble on the roads last night and this morning.  

It did leave a beautiful coating on the grasses in the perennial bed.   

Reading the morning news made me sigh.  Really, politicians?  Couldn't  we have a day or two without all this political drama? 

Maybe because of the ice storm or the news, I didn't sleep well last night.  Ugh, I hate that. 

It made me want to just curl up in a cozy spot and nap the day away. 

But.....since this a happy blog we won't talk any more about those things.  Instead I'll  tell you about five things that I'm enjoying right now.

1.  Homemade muffins for breakfast.  So good and not much trouble to make if you use this recipe or this one from Simply Recipes. Make a batch and freeze them and they are ready to quickly microwave when you're in the mood for muffins with your morning coffee.

2.  Wooden spoon carved from a mango tree by a man in St. John.   I stopped at his table at the little artist's market in Cruz Bay when we were there at Christmas.  He was such a nice man and I really wanted to buy something from him but didn't need anything he had made.  Then I spotted this spoon. Ben and I both love using it and I wish I had bought a few more.  

3. Fresh flowers in the middle of winter.  What a treat!  (Isn't this a great photo?  Amazing what the iPhone 6S camera can do.)

4.   New towels.  Our old ones were getting a bit ratty so I splurged and bought new ones at Kohl's the other day.  They have a tag saying they are "Simply Vera Vera Wang." I don't know exactly what that means but they are wonderfully plump and soft and I love the celery color, which is a nice change from my old white towels. 

5. Colorful fabric for a new quilt.  Doesn't it just cheer you up to look at these patterns and colors?  I'm planning to use them to make a lap quilt to donate to Blue Sky Bridge, one of the organizations which receives quilts from my Boulder quilt group.  Although the mission and work of Blue Sky bridge is quite serious, these happy fabrics may brighten a child's experience there.    

Well, just writing about these things that I'm enjoying has made me smile.  To read other posts along this line by other bloggers, please check out my friend LeeAnna's blog Not Afraid of Color.

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