Wednesday, May 17, 2017


There are crazy things in the news today, and I'm not talking about Russia.  I'm talking about the weather forecast!  I'm talking about snow!  

Actually, I took this screen shot last night.  This morning the forecast is up to 3-5 inches for Thursday and 1-3" on Friday.  Of course, anything could happen.  But still....  And we just got the annual flowers planted and the snow tires removed.  

The historical record for this area includes a late May snowstorm of 19"!

The other crazy thing is what a busy day I had yesterday getting ready for the big music awards and banquet at school.  We expected 350-400 people and while we had it catered (BBQ) there was still a lot of work involved.  I won't bore you with details, but I thought it was telling that my iPhone health monitor recorded that I walked 4.5 miles yesterday just shopping, setting up, and cleaning up for the event, not going for a walk or a hike.  And so many details to remember; I thought my brain might burst!

I love helping out the music program, we had a lot of helpers, and I actually enjoyed the event, but I'm sure glad it's over!  My chum Sara took this photo of me going a bit crazy with these super-cute music cake pops that someone brought to the party.  

Today I'm off to the Denver Art Museum to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Should be a nice reward after such a busy day yesterday.  


  1. Cool!(pun intended) except not cool for your plants. I hope they survive!mary in Az.

  2. great pic of you!! breathe a sigh of relief and start your snowy summer. It's near 90 with humidity here today. I don't know which is better...


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