Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Few Things to Smile About this Week

Another day swamped with "News of the Weird" from our political scene leads me to join my friend Lee Anna as she focuses on more pleasant topics in her Thursday "I Like" posts. 

I had a big smile on my face when I left the Verizon Wireless store the other day with a new iPhone 7 Plus.  The amazing camera was the big draw since I use my iPhone almost exclusively for taking photos nowadays.  The only reason I went into the store was that Paul wanted to buy a new screen protector for his phone.  But while there found out I could upgrade for only a one time fee of $30.   Pretty sweet! And pretty great photographs.

 I checked out Paul's Facebook page and found this photo which was darn cute, what with Spikey perched on his shoulder.  Can you see that the photo in the back showing image of Paul with his sax is suspended in air?  The whole idea was for Paul to look like a magician, hence his odd scowl and floating photo.

I loved this sunset.   

 The other day Ben and I were driving home and spotted a huge, tall crane up the block.  We wondered what was going on and realized that it was lifting an old hot tub off a neighbor's deck!  Ben said it was "Spring clean up, Boulder style."  

My new phone has a much bigger screen than my old one and is good for reading magazines using the Zinio app.   I remembered that you can take a photo of an iPhone screen and snapped this one so I could be reminded of its message.

That message had some influence on my studio work this week; here is currently what's on my design wall.   

We saw a fox actually crossing near a "Fox Xing" sign up the street.  For three years I've watched for a fox there and was tickled to finally see one!

But the best smile of the week came when the dentist said those magic words, "Everything looks great.   See you in six months!" 


  1. oooooo pretty photos. Paul, awesome work. You are showing such talent and you'll go far with it. Fox crossing! We need to make a fox run in the back yard as every night at 7:30 one runs thru our fenced in yard and out a little gap it made. I like that new work.

  2. Your iphone definitely takes good pictures! Love your son's purple hair and lizard! Welcome to I Like Thursday!

  3. Your photos are fantastic! I too had to go to the phone store and was tempted to upgrade to 7 but just got a new glass cover on my 6S instead. Ha ha. I like the blocks on your design wall. cool colors. Enjoy! mary in Az

  4. Congratulations on your iPhone 7 Mary, it does take the best pictures! I like what you have on your design wall this week! Have a great week--don't let the news get you's mostly made up anyway.


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