Friday, May 5, 2017

It's May!

Early May is a busy time for anyone involved in schools, which I am, not only as a parent of a high school student but as an active volunteer for the school's music program.  Starting last week and running through May 16 I'm helping with three band and orchestra concerts and a big end-of-the-year music picnic and awards ceremony.  The band concert on Tuesday night was a fairly small event but tonight's concert with its five orchestras is going to be huge.

We gave these roses to the graduating seniors at their final band concert Tuesday.  Today I'm picking up twenty-four roses and two bouquets of flowers, which should make the car smell heavenly!

One of the reasons I like to volunteer for the school music program is that it opens the door to activities that I wouldn't do otherwise.  I mean, I don't usually have any reason to buy twenty-four roses, but it's kind of fun.   

On Wednesday night I went to a performance given by jazz students from Boulder High and and a folk high school in Norway.  It was the final event in a Boulder-Norway student exchange that started in April when about twenty Boulder High students went to the Trondertun Folk High School for a week.   The Trondertun students then came here for a week.  I would never have gone to the culminating concert on Wednesday if I wasn't Chair of the music parent's group, and I would have missed a fun and entertaining evening.   

Even without all this music activity early May is always busy.   Some rain followed by delightfully warm temperatures has got the grass growing like crazy and all the perennials are again green and demanding weeding.  Last night we had dinner on the deck, the first of the season.   

On a less happy note, Ben was laid low with a toothache over the weekend.  He is rarely so sick and it was a bit scary to see him just laying around in pain.  He's now on the mend after having a back molar extracted yesterday.   You know things are bad when you're really happy to see the dentist! 


  1. and that's the truth with pain, and with experiences!

  2. How true about pain and recovery. I like the idea of volunteering with the high school music program. How cool to be with young people who also love music!. Love those beautiful roses.


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