Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thoughts on the Last Day of May

Today we say goodbye to the month of May and I'm happy to see it go!  It's not that any disaster befell us in May, thank heaven.  But it sure was a busy month, with one thing after another. 

I spoke at three high school music concerts and oversaw the large end-of-the-school-year music banquets and awards night. There's a lot of hard work and drama behind that simple statement. 

That was all done by the middle of the month, after which Ben and I focused on getting the garden planted.  No sooner had we gotten the plants in the ground but a good sized snow storm and freeze arrived.  While the snow was pretty for the day or so before it melted, gardeners all over town were worried about the plants they had just put in the ground.  Here in Boulder the plants survived but in more eastern areas like Longmont they lost Iris, Peony, and Day Lilly buds and blossoms as well as many annuals to the snow and ice.  

That brought us to the third week of May with school finals and the last push to improve grades.  Not that Ben or I needed to improve our grades! No, as we tell Paul, we've already finished school.  But at least in our house we can't escape the end-of-the-year grade drama and while the results are good (go, Paul!) it would sure be nice if we could have one year without knuckle-biting grade monitoring.  

Memorial Day weekend is a fun and busy time as Boulder celebrates with two big events.  The Boulder Creekfest is a large festival downtown and the Bolder Boulder is a huge community run/walk with over 45,000 participants.  The city streets were crowded with cars and people over the holiday weekend and since we're close to downtown we could hear the bands and carnival rides.  Paul played in the Boulder High pep band along the BolderBoulder route and then with his Ska band at Creekfest, and we all had fun parties and social activities to enjoy.  

And if all that wasn't enough I had several quilt projects that wanted attention and Ben kicked up his training for the Ride the Rockies bike ride which is in two weeks.   

I'm ready for June!  June means summer and summer means relaxing.  School is over, the garden is in, and it's time to kick back on the deck and enjoy Boulder's beautiful summer weather! 

Here's a few scenes off the camera from the month of May.   

The poppies are back!

Playing around

Mother's Day portrait

Snow on the peonies

Always something interesting to see while out walking!

Favorite wine of the month

My contribution to a group quilt
The entire quilt

"Fist of the Proletariat" ska band at Creekfest.  Paul had a solo! 

Memorial Day flags in our front porch planter

The back garden ready for summer

Every day a bit of beauty
Ditto.  Hiking with Ben in this beautiful scenery never gets old. 

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  1. Can I just say, I miss Colorado. The poppies are gorgeous. I like your project on the design wll. The group quilt is so pretty. and, your back yard is inviting to just sit an relax! mary in Az


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