Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Odds & Ends

 Mostly right now I'm working on two quilt pieces.  But a few other things have been going on as well.

Paul's ska band played a gig at a Mexican restaurant in nearby Longmont the other day and they were quite good!

You can click on this if you'd like to hear a short (45 second) snatch.  The vocal needed more mike, but you'll at least get an idea of how great the band sounded.   If you have troubles getting it to play try clicking here.

We organized the garage!  That was a big tick.  The issue was forced to the top of the household "to do" list since we've been getting more into biking lately and needed a space for bike maintenance.

Here's two interesting things I found on the web this week and enjoyed.

 What kind of coat costs $51,000?

7 Ways to Maximize Misery

I'm reading these two books, which are both excellent but not good bedtime reading since one is about war and the other about a school shooter.  

I've learned the hard way that before bedtime I need to read something lighter, like this one, which isn't great writing but is fun and doesn't make me toss and turn with worry.

Paul has a part-time job for the summer working in Cocktail Punk, owned by our friend Raymond.  I got a laugh out of this photo which Paul posted on Snapchat after doing the paperwork for having taxes taken out of his paychecks.  

Spikey found a new pose.  I call it the Tripod.

And last but not least, today marks our 3rd anniversary of living in Boulder!  Yes, only three years ago Paul and I flew into town to meet the moving van while Ben and Raymond drove one of our cars from Maryland.   We had a house full of boxes to unpack and a great new life to begin. 

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  1. The band sounds great! Love that big baritone sax! I read " All The Light..." excellent book, but I agree it ain't for bedtime.


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