Thursday, June 8, 2017

Poppy Love

The poppies are blooming here in Boulder and I just love them! 

They grow wild at trailheads.....

... in Chautauqua meadows.... 

...and in neighborhood yards. 

Some sprawl...

....while others stand up straight like soldiers.

They all close up tight at night, which for some reason I find quite enduring.  

The leaves of the poppy plant are a fun shape and have soft fuzzy edges.

And the center of the plant is particularly lovely as it forms what will become the flower.

After they drop their blossoms they all proudly display their distinctive seed heads.

As the seeds dry they are spread by animals or blown in the wind, thus reseeding themselves so we can enjoy plenty of new plants and flowers next season.   

There's a lot to love about poppy blooming time in Boulder!

Today I'm joining my quilter/blogger friend LeeAnna who uses her Thursday posts to focus on things she loves in an effort to stay positive in these unruly political times.   Pop over to her blog if you need more refocusing on the good things in life.    


  1. Wow- I guess I've never seen or read about Poppy plants before. Thanks. mary in Az

  2. such beauty. They are one of my favorite flowers... there color and continual interest as they mature is a treat to see. Your photos are terrific! Nice job!

  3. We don't see many poppies around here. That seed head looks like a big fuzzy spider. Now we DO have those here in Middle TN; I encountered one in my sewing studio just a few days ago.

  4. hi Mary, I have poppies too...Icelandic Poppies and just love them. They last fairly long and come in such an array of gorgeous colours. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. What beautiful photos! You captured so many different facets of the poppies. Thanks for giving us a chance to see them through your eyes!

  6. Color me green with envy.....always on my list of favorite flowers. I must plant some for next year. Thx for the beautiful views.


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