Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekend Report

It's going to be hot today so I made a point of getting out early for my hike.  Although it was only 8:30 it was already heating up so I followed the shady neighborhood streets up the hill, then down to the east of Chautauqua Park, and then finally came up through a wooded area below the Auditorium where I was rewarded with this lovely view of the Flatirons across a hillside of wild sweet pea flowers.  

In a mass, the sweet peas just look like a sea of bright pink, but they are also very beautiful seen close-up. 

It was a good way to start the day and a pleasant end of the long, fun holiday weekend which started Friday with another hike, this one on the Homestead Trail, one of our favorites near El Dorado Canyon.  We took That Handsome Dog Gus along and didn't get out until the early afternoon.  It was beautiful but hot!      


Saturday was our 39th wedding anniversary and we celebrated it by having dinner at the Flagstaff House.  The food was delicious and the views were amazing.  

Sunday we had several friends over for dinner on the patio.  The menu featured lobster rolls made from lobster flown in from Maine, some thick Cowboy steaks on the grill and homemade vanilla ice cream   I was having too much fun to take photos!  

The main event Monday was a long bike ride with my friend Lotus.  We didn't get out until about 11:00 and it was already hot.  We rode partway up Boulder Canyon (up, up, up!) and then biked what we later realized was the "Boulder 180" loop.  The first half was quite delightful as it followed the Boulder Creek and was shady and pleasant despite the heat.  But the last half was on hot sunny bike paths and city streets and I just got hotter and hotter.  Finally Lotus dumped cold water on my head and I managed to finish the ride!

Yesterday we went to two parties and saw the fireworks but the highlight for me was seeing Paul play with his band up in Nederland again.   My, they sounded good!  I love hearing him play.  

And now it is noon on Wednesday and all I've gotten done is my morning hike, a long phone chat with a friend from Maryland, downloading and editing the weekend photos, and writing this blog. Time goes by quickly when you're having fun!

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  1. What a delightful post. I felt like I was there. mary in Az


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