Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Out of the Boulder Bubble

This picture of my great nephew sums up the joy I felt this past weekend visiting with my two brothers and their families and my sister in Ohio.   We spent much of our time just talking and the rest, it seemed, eating Graeter's ice cream.  I had a scoop every single day!

It was a wonderful visit and I was so busy having fun that I didn't take many photos except in this wonderful place, an amazing fabric store in Worthington, Ohio, named "Sew to Speak."  My brother Jim and his wife Kathy took me there and Kathy and I spent an hour or so in heaven.

I got so carried away that I bought a pattern to make a top with a fabulous knit designed for Art Gallery Fabrics  by April Rhodes, the daughter of the store's owner.   I think the last time I sewed any clothing was twenty some years ago and that was a quilted vest.  But I couldn't resist the luscious feel of this beautiful gray and white knit. 

Oh yes, and a nice little stack of quilting fabrics. 

But I didn't buy the amazing Juki sit-down quilting machine.  I might have, but adding it to my studio would mean taking out the daybed, and that's just not going to happen.  

It was good to get out of the "Boulder Bubble" for a while.  I was definitely in Trump country which was certainly a new experience.    

We had perfect weather and it was good to be reminded that other places besides Boulder have blue skies, big clouds, lovely landscaping,  convenient walking trails, and nice people who give you a smile as you walk by.

Still, it's always good to come home.  It's never a dull moment around here and I'm trying to get three quilts entered into a local show and need to take good photos and write the entries to submit by Friday night.

It's a sad thing that when I have a deadline I think of many ways to procrastinate instead of just doing the work!   This morning I should have been finishing up a piece but instead I watched some fellows doing street work outside our house.  There seemed to be a delay in starting the job so they made friends with Fetcher.  It was fun to watch these gruff looking guys get taken in by Fetcher's charms.

This fellow decided that Fetcher must be hungry and thirsty so he shared some food and water which belonged to another workman's puppy.  The little pup had for some reason been brought along to the job site and he was certainly interested in Fetcher. 

 I gave them all a friendly reminder to check their cars and trucks before leaving their job since Fetcher just loves to jump up in them.  One time in Maryland a workman actually drove down the driveway before he realized he wasn't alone in his truck!

Okay, now I'm off to get cracking on finishing up my quilt show entries.


  1. brought the puppy out of self defense. A tired dog is a better dog.

  2. Love your blue and white fabrics. Best wishes on your garment sewing! I made a knit tunic last winter after not sewing garments for 30 years and I just took my time. I was so nervous but it turned out great. I was however in shock over the price of patterns! Loved this post. mary in Az


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