Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Due to the big snow, schools have been out for the past two days. More amazingly, the Federal government has been closed as well, probably due to the lack of Metro service along much of the above ground routes. The President joked that it's a "Snowmageddon," and it's beginning to feel like it, especially since another storm is coming in tonight that is predicted to give us....hold your hats....another 8-20 inches depending on where you live and which forecast you believe. That alone is a lot of snow for this region, but on top of what's already out there, it does seem a bit daunting.

We finally dug the cars out yesterday afternoon. We went in with our neighbor to pay for a Bobcat to dig out the driveway, and so we were free to go to the grocery store where we stood in the longest lines I had ever seen. My sweet Ben was so nice and polite to everyone that waiting in line was reasonably pleasant, though the bagging clerk told me that it felt like the end of the world to her. There was plenty of food unless you had to have chicken, and then you were out of luck.

Today we drove over to Grandma's house to shovel the deep snow off her deck. Several flat roofs have collapsed so she wanted to sure her deck would be OK. I was astounded at how bad the main roadways were. This photo shows a major commuter road that runs by the local hospital; we bumped, bumped, bumped slowly all the way down it due to the snow pack. I guess the snowplows are taking a rest before tonight's big storm. Well, we'll be snug and warm so long as the power holds out!

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