Saturday, May 8, 2010

On the Mend

Fetcher is doing much better after five days of being on the antibiotics prescribed by the night time emergency Vet last Monday. As you can see, his leg was shaved, which looks kind of pitiful, and he was hobbling around on three legs until just this evening when he walked on all four. We hope he is out of the woods.

The Vet said he should be kept inside for a week, and we duitfully blocked the "dog door" with a gate, but within a day Fetcher had busted out, apparently clawing the gate until it fell over. This, plus the fact that he is an outdoor cat unused to using a litter box inside, led us to remove the gate entirely. I don't think he's roamed far, since he quickly appears whenever we tap on a can of cat food to lure him home to take his medicine. I haven't seen the stray cat, so I hope they are done with their fighting.

I know that letting a cat outdoors leads to trouble like this, but it is so nice to see a cat doing cat things outside. I'd really miss that with an indoor cat.

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