Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's Out!

After a week of Paul saying almost every day "I can't wait for school to be out for summer," the big day was here at last. But when I saw him swinging outside this morning he wasn't happy. He had just realized that the last day of school also meant the last day of seeing some school friends who won't be coming back next year.

Then I was off to my school library where I found this cute package waiting for me, a gift from a coworker. Isn't it fun looking?

Inside was an orange card and this beautiful white necklace, which I love.

Then I was off to the mega-church where the 8th grade graduation will be held this evening to turn over the DVD of the movie I made which features baby and current pictures of each graduate. The church has lots of cool sound equipment.....

...and three great big screens onto which the movie is projected. Using IMovie this year made creating the movie much easier and I'm glad that professional sound staff at the church actually play the movie, but given that the church is almost full, I never rest easy until the movie is shown and over, fearing some technical glitch.

I also went over the stage set-up, the program order, and turned over the music cds that will be used.

Back at school, I showed the movie to the 8th graders, giving them a chance to see everyone's baby pictures in the private setting of the school before seeing them again in the public setting of the church sanctuary. You can imagine the sound track that would go with this picture---lot's of teasing, laughing, joking, etc. All that has to be gotten out of the kids before tonight when the parents get their chance to laugh and cry as they watch the movie. The kids got the Memory Book, which I make with the help of a whole bunch of people, after previewing the movie.

The end of the last day of school is always marked by the teachers waving goodbye to the kids as they are picked up by their parents. Since there's no after-school care on the last day of school, all the kids leave at the same time and it's quite the parade of cars, all beeping as they leave.

Tonight is the graduation and tomorrow is the staff lunch and then it's officially the start of summer for me! (I do tend to work off and on during the summer, but only when I want to, which makes all the difference, don't you think?)

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