Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We're in upheaval this morning as we prepare for a day of dry wall work. A few months ago the upstairs bathroom radiator came off the wall, cracking a pipe behind it and causing a BIG leak in the office and living room below. Thankfully, we were home and were able to do some water management, but that didn't stop the damage to the dry wall.

So today is the day that it's being fixed, and, as so often is the case, upheaval is the price one must pay for the calm, beautiful, finish.

Luckily, I not only can work from home but have work today that is probably best done from home. It's that time of year again when I'm creating the "slide show" for the eight grade graduation. It's really a movie using mostly still photos showing the eight graders as babies and then all grown up, and it's both fun and nerve-wracking to do.

I've moved my iMac, printer, and scanner out to the dining room table where I'll work accompanied by the sound of drilling and sanding in the living room behind me. It's not a bad space to work in. With a big window to my right and a set of windows facing me, I have quite a pretty view.

Too bad we need this table to eat on!

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