Monday, August 6, 2012

A Great Weekend

We flew to Denver Saturday for the wedding of Theresa, one of the sisters of Paul's birth mother, Stefanie.   Every couple of years we see Paul's birth family and it is always a great experience. They are such warm and loving people and always welcome us with open arms.  They are a large family, with the four sisters, grandparents, many young cousins, and Paul's brother, Michael.  Paul especially enjoyed seeing them all again since he remembers them from other visits.  I didn't take many pictures since I was so busy visiting, but I did get this one of Paul looking so happy and relaxed at the wedding reception.

Today we drove to Glenwood Springs which is about three hours west of Denver.  We had driven through it several times on our way to other places and I'm really happy to spend some time here.  There are so many things to do:  soak in the hot springs, raft down the river, hike the interesting and scenic trails, bike the Glenwood Canyon bike trail, and visit the "Adventure Park" with its thrilling rides.   We don't have time to do all of those fabulous things, but today we did get to the hot springs.

You can see that the water is very relaxing!

The Hot Springs complex is huge and people come prepared to spend the entire day.   We didn't get there until six, but that was a nice time to go since it was cooler and less crowded.  As the sun began to set, the lights came on and it was very pretty.

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