Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Having Fun in Glenwood Springs

 We're just about to leave Glenwood Springs, Colorado, having had a full day of fun here yesterday up at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, a small amusement park way up at the top of a mountain (or maybe around here it's just a hill) 1300 feet above the town.  To get there you take a tram, a pretty cool start to a pretty cool day.

 The big draw of the park is the Giant Canyon Swing which swings you out over the canyon in a very scary and dramatic way.  Paul talked Ben into going not once but twice, while I acted as witness and recorder to their daring deed.   I took a great video which I posted on Facebook; since I haven't figured out how to put it in the blog, you'll need to go over to Facebook to see it.

This is not a picture of Paul being scared before the ride; this is him showing me how the ride "made my cheeks sink into my face." 

I was no slouch in the daredevil department either.  I faced my fears and went on the "zip line" which dangled you way high above the beautiful landscape.  You can see me smiling at the attendant in the first picture, but I assure you I screamed most of the way!

The Park also had big cavern complete with neat stalagmites and stalactites, a la Lurray Caverns back east.  We went on a small guided tour, one of the best cave tours I've been on.

It also had the best amusement park ride I've ever been on, the Alpine Coaster.  Too bad you couldn't take photos on it.

We had a great time here in Glenwood Springs and are now heading back to the Boulder area to visit friends before flying home on Thursday.  

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