Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Weekend

I had to post a few of the book miniposters that the 6th graders made for a class I did the end of last week.   They had each read a book of their own choice over the summer and I asked them to make a small colorful poster that would entice others to read the same book.  On the front there had to be a copy of the book cover and three words describing the book.  On the back they wrote answers to two questions:  What part of the book did you like best?  What character did you like best and why?  During my classes, they put their miniposter under a document camera so they were displayed on our big screen, told the three words they had picked, and read the answers to the first question.  I loved how it all turned out.  It was snappy, fun, and interesting for everyone.

The success of those classes was a nice lead-in to the weekend.

I'm still exploring new cars, and Saturday morning I test drove an Audi 4, just to see if I'd fall head over heels in love with an expensive, serious driving car.  I certainly enjoyed driving it, but I missed the plushly deep-cushion interior I'm longing for.   

While I was out, Ben and Paul biked down a big hill and then back up it.  It was quite a triumph! 

Later,  Ben and I enjoyed the Octoberfest celebration at The Old Stein Inn in Annapolis.  

Today is karate, schoolwork, and flute lessons for Paul, a walk for me and Ben in the beautiful fall weather, golf lessons for me, yard work for Ben, and a chili and cornbread dinner with friends tonight.  But the big event is the long-awaited start of three series on television tonight:  Amazing Race, Revenge, and Homeland.  Thank heavens for the DVR!

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