Friday, July 19, 2013

Heading into the Weekend

The great news is that Jean's cardiac catherization showed no arterial blockage so they sent her back home!

Whew, that was scary!

I was exhausted yesterday and crashed in front of the TV for a while watching the first couple episodes from Season 1 of The Good Wife, which started four years ago.  How do I miss these good shows when they first are on?  Well, maybe it's better that I do since it's so convenient to watch them on Amazon Prime later.

It is brutally hot and humid this week, making things tough out at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Camp that Paul is attending.  Being by the West River is a lifesaver.  In today's heat advisory they are learning canoe self rescues, which I think is pretty clever of the counselors.  Nothing like giving the kids a good reason to fall out of the boats and into the cool water.

Last night I had golf lessons again, the second week of dripping sweat while learning to swing.  I almost didn't go, but was rewarded when we played "best ball" for a hole or two out on the course and I got the best ball twice.  Yeah, me!  I was surprised at how pleased I was with myself.

Despite today's heat advisory I'm off to meet a friend for lunch downtown.  Life must go on!

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