Friday, December 27, 2013

Just Relaxing with my Tree

Yesterday was chore day -- a day for picking up all the Christmas present wrappings, unpacking from our trip, getting some groceries in the house and gradually getting life organized after being away and then celebrating Christmas.

My sister and Paul and I had planned to leave for Ohio yesterday to visit my brothers and their families.  But Jean's heart has been in AFib again for the past month and her shortness of breath had gotten bad enough that when her doctor scheduled her for an out patient procedure to get it back in rhythm today, she didn't argue.  So our trip was canceled and I'm thinking of all my siblings today, wishing the best for Jean while I'm missing seeing my brothers and their children and grandchildren.

What with our tree leaning so much to the left  I was giving some thought to taking it down.  But then I spotted Fetcher nestled under it and realized that at least one member of the household wasn't ready to see it go.  

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