Tuesday, December 24, 2013

House Thoughts

I'm sitting in the airport waiting to fly home.  It turns out that Christmas Eve is a good time to travel, at least if this calm and uncrowded airport is any indication.   We've had such a great time in Boulder, having fun with our friends, walking a lot,  eating great food, and shopping at the area's unique stores.  As great as all that was, the main reason for the trip was to get to know our new house and make plans for how we'd use our new space.

One thing we found out was that we all loved the front entrance hall.  It's big enough for all three of us to stand in it at one time, has a good size closet with hanging and shelf space for all your coats and winter woollies.  The other wall has a big enough coat rack for each of us to hang our jackets and a nice space under it to stash your boots.  

From the entry hall you come into the living room which has a very large window along one wall, out of which you can see the grounds of the elementary school across the street and Mount Sanitas in the background.   The light in this room is wonderful.  We've decided that the main function of this room will be for conversation, reading, relaxing, watching TV, and using laptops.  So the window wall is going to be the seating area with a small sofa and a couple of comfy chairs.

As you look from the entry you see the fireplace wall and the hallway to the two bedrooms (which we'll use as office/guest rooms) and the full bath.  This long wall is going to have the TV as well as a small card-table size dining table.

To the right of the entry is the dining room with French doors leading out to the deck and patio.  The dining room is about two feet wider than our current one, so it feels quite spacious to us. Apart from our      table and chairs we plan to initially add just one other piece of furniture, a low bookcase next to the patio doors to hold cookbooks and a small TV which we can see from the kitchen and dining room.

The kitchen is separated from the dining room by a half wall.  I found that I really liked this wall since it allowed you to easily talk to people in the dining room while hanging out in the kitchen but blocked some of the kitchen mess from view.  The kitchen features a big deep window with shelves for growing plants, which has some cool possibilities. 

We made a point of doing some food prep in the kitchen and found that the space worked quite well.  

It looks like there will be plenty of cupboard and counter space for us.

And some neat built-ins. 

We're about to board.  We'll soon be home for Christmas!

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