Sunday, December 22, 2013

View from the Bedroom and Dining with Friends

It snowed lightly yesterday afternoon and evening, making our activities quite festive.  Yes, it was cold, but as I keep telling my Maryland friends,  it's supposed to be cold at Christmas.  I loved the crisp air and we all were excited as the snowflakes fell.   

Here is the view out our bedroom windows  this morning.  We're on the second floor and have two sets of big french doors leading to balconies, one facing West and one facing South. 

This is the view from the West:  

Looking out this balcony: 

And this is the view from the South,

which Ben would see if he looked out the balcony window behind him.

I have just roused myself to clean up the bedroom so I could take some more pictures to show you.

The second story contains only the master bedroom and bath and four huge closets. It was added to the house in the 1980's and was designed by an architect who described his style as "sacred architecture."  This is such a Boulder-type idea and I love it.   Note the pyramid ceiling, the skylight directly over the bed, and the east facing little window.  It is like a tree house up here. And the last two nights I could see stars through the skylight while I lay in bed.  Very cool.

Ah, but I was going to tell you about how we walked --yes, walked -- to Dot's Diner to meet our friends Leslie and Kent for breakfast.  We have known them many years and usually see them when we come to visit.  It was great to catch up and get some settling in tips.  After breakfast we walked over to the house and Kent helped Ben get the gas fireplace started, which made the living room very cosy.  

In the afternoon we walked downtown to see the Christmas Revels show at the old Boulder Theater.  I'd never been to a Revels show and it turned out to be three hours of fast moving songs, dances, and one short and very funny play, generally Christmas related.  We all enjoyed it and maybe sometime soon I'll post the video Paul made of me up on stage helping with the performance of the Twelve Days of Christmas.   

We've been dining out with Ray and Paula each night, having some wonderful meals at Boulder's best restaurants.  

Raymond is the creator and owner of Cocktail Punk which makes bitters, liquid flavorings primarily used to enhance cocktails but also soda (I love Ray's aromatic bitters dropped into Goslings Diet Ginger Beer) and coffee.

It was a thrill to see Ray's bitters featured on cocktail menus.

 Being a player in the Boulder restaurant scene means that Raymond knows everyone, from the waiter who he calls by name to the restaurant owner who sends over special appetizers to taste.  It's all great fun.

Well, I must get up and walk the two blocks over to the tiny food coop which is also supposed to sell coffee and yogurt to find something for breakfast.  I'll leave you with this photo of the old Boulder House, all lit up for the holidays. 

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