Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

We arrived home safe and sound to find that our mailbox had been knocked off its pole by an errant driver and that our Christmas tree was alarmingly listing to the left.  The mailbox left us puzzled but the tree left us smiling.  (I guess the Lion's Club tree guys didn't drill the hole very straight!)  Too funny.

We slept well, got up, and wrapped some presents we had bought in Boulder and started a cozy fire.

Then it was time to open stockings and presents.

We spent the afternoon leisurely enjoying our presents, each other, and the beautiful crisp sunny day.  The photo below shows me under the spell of my new Crossfade noise isolating earphones--wow, what a sound! 

 It's now approaching six o'clock and in the old days we would be at my mother's house where we'd see my sister Jean and her family and appreciate my mother's gentle spirit and wonderful cooking.  In the really old days we'd see Jim's large family there and experience a riotous few hours of loud and happy children, punctuated by quieter times when Ben would announce "Who wants to go for a walk?" and all the kids would follow Ben out of the house and down the street, giving the adults a few minutes of blissful respite from the happy noise.  More recently we'd see my sister and her husband and they'd often be accompanied by their daughter, Sharon, and her family, who are delightful to be around.        I also remember the many Christmas Eves we saw Ben's mother, Suzanne.  We often had her and her husband, Ralph, over Christmas Even for dinner and they'd be such good sports about going to the 11:00 church service where I would be singing.  

Ah, well, those days are gone now. 
As much as I enjoyed those Christmases, to be honest I also enjoy the peaceful flow of a Christmas with no appointments or obligations.  It's fun to see family and friends but it's equally fun to just let the day evolve.  I guess I'm just dealing with the hand I'm dealt, which may be the secret to happiness.   

We are having dinner in a few minutes, Cioppino and roasted vegetables and some imported Italian pasta which Ben found in his stocking the morning.  I'd better go clear and set the table. 

Love to all of you!

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