Friday, December 20, 2013

In Boulder

We had a very smooth flight out to Boulder and have spent the last day exploring our new house.  I'm happy to say that we love it now as much as we did when we first saw it in October.

Ben had done an impressive amount of shopping and organizing in the day or two he had after settlement in November and provisioned the house with basic supplies.   So when the mattresses were delivered right on schedule and we got our beds set up we were ready to party with our good friends, Ray and Paula, and joined them for dinner at their house, just six blocks away.

I promise more photos and info on the house later, but meanwhile here's a photo of our Christmas decorations.  (Paul is looking down at a remote control helicopter which he was trying to fly around the empty living room.)

The weather was cold --in the 20's -- and a frozen fog hung over the Flatirons for most of the day.  I wondered when I'd see some of Boulder's famous sunshine, at it came about 3:30.  The fog parted and the sun began to shine brightly so Ben and I seized the moment and went out for a hike.  What treat it was to be on a trail after just a five minute car ride!  

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