Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Days

About 10:00 yesterday morning it started to snow lightly and about 2:00 in the afternoon it started to snow heavily and this morning we woke up to a winter wonderland.


We got about five inches but instead of our usual heavy wet snow this was light and fluffy and quite easy to shovel.   

The schools are still closed today but government offices were open so Ben started to get his car dug out.  Paul woke up and went right out to help.  I guess parents of teenagers never know which child is getting out of bed in the morning; the one who is grumpy and out of sorts or the one who is energetic and ready to be part of the group.  This morning we got the latter child, which was certainly nice!

We all enjoyed watching the birds at our feeders during the snowstorm yesterday.  The colors of the cardinals and woodpeckers were so pretty against the white snow, the little wrens were so plump and cheerful, and the arrival of a couple of goldfinches was so unexpected.  But the stars were the two little squirrels who have recently discovered that while most of the feeders are "squirrelproof" the suet feeder isn't!  Their acrobatics are great fun to watch and well worth the price of the extra suet.

We had another family movie night last night, this time watching Jeremiah Johnson, the story of a trapper/hunter in the Rockies in the 1840's and 50's, starring Robert Redford.  Quite a bit of it is set in the winter, and watching him in that cold weather made me feel all nice and warm next to our cozy fire and the glow of the TV screen. 

The challenge today isn't the snow but the cold; the National Weather Service says it's 8 degrees right now in our zip code and our two outside thermometers say 10 degrees (in the shade) and 15 degrees (in the sun).  We aren't used to cold like this! 

When Paul came back into the house from shoveling he decided that instead of going sledding this afternoon he and his friends should build a snow fort on the driveway and then play video games inside.  Sounds like a better plan to me!  

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  1. the squirrel shot is great! They haven't gotten to our suet yet but the birds have eaten all the seed and suet in a week. I threw out bits of salad vege and the squirrels picked it up, tasted it and threw it back down in disgust! Well, good luck then. We eat it.


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