Monday, January 20, 2014

Around Here

 Around here….

….We had a beautiful mild day, sunny and warm, making it hard to believe that a major snowstorm is set to hit us tomorrow.  Apparently a polar express is arriving tonight and a low pressure system is heading up from the South, resulting in anywhere from three to seven inches of snow falling throughout the day tomorrow.   The sunset this evening was breathtaking.

...Paul and I took Fetcher to the vet for his shots this morning.  When she found out he was an outdoor cat who would soon be moving to a new neighborhood she suggested that he get an identification "chip" under his skin.   Apparently vets and animal shelters nowadays routinely scan lost pets for these chips  and use the information from them to link the lost pet with their owner.   Sold for only $50!  Made me feel better, anyway.

…We continue to sort our "stuff" and pack up what we don't need in preparation for putting it on the market.   

After working hard on decluttering it's a fun change to look at furniture and dream about it going into our new house.  Picking out a sleep sofa for the new den is the first order of business since we'd like to have one in the house soon after we move so we can watch TV in blissful comfort.   Our Thomasville loveseat took four months to construct and send to us from China, and I expect a similar delay for our new sofa.  Remembering my mother's affection for Ethan Allen furniture I went there and had a great time looking around and chatting with Ashley, one of their designers.  We also need a swivel chair for the den; which of these two do you like?  (I much prefer the look of the one of the right but I think the one on the left is more comfortable.)   

We (or at least I) will need a new nightstand and this pretty one caught my eye.  But it's not a high priority, so we can wait; maybe I can find something at a local consignment shop.

…We are all ready for the big snow.  Ben has made a great smelling pot of onion soup, we "have the wood in" for our fireplace,  

and a lovely vase of hydrangea on the windowsill so the house feels all cozy. 

Don't tell the other teachers but I rather hope there will be school tomorrow morning.  The snow isn't expected to fall heavily until a bit later in the morning, I'm not working and I have a small table runner I'm quilting.  I am swayed by the fact that Paul can very easily walk home even if it is snowing heavily by then!  And I would like to finish this little piece so I photograph it and show it to you.  If we put the house on the market the first of March, my quilting days will be over until I get settled into my new digs.   

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