Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Night at Home

To prepare for our Saturday night at home we first made a trip to Whole Foods and Total Wine, the former to stock up for the long holiday weekend and the latter to stock up for the next month.

Ben was inspired to make a cioppino stew for dinner; hmm!  First he sautéed onions and garlic, then added diced potato, some nice plump fresh scallops and shrimp which he had sautéed separately, and finally, basil and wine.  Then he put in some frozen cioppino liquid which we got at the store.  Oh, my, it was good!

While Ben was cooking Fetcher kept an eye out from the dining room chair…..

…and Paul worked on his math homework on the living room sofa.

Soon we will have family movie night, watching The Maltese Falcon with Humphry Bogart and Mary Astor.  Paul is watching this at school as part of the Literature class unit on mysteries, and since Ben knew it was a good movie we decided to watch it all together tonight.

I think we're about ready to start.  I'm eager to see how Bogart's famous line "When a dame slaps you, you'll like it" actually fits in the story.

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