Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Around Here

Around here.....

.... Paul's high school had freshmen "check-in" today.  Paul received his locker and his student ID card, though his first day isn't until next Thursday.  

...We are sobered by the news of Robin Williams' suicide and its reminder that mental illness can trump even amazing talent and the love of family and friends.  We drove by the house filmed in Mork & Mindy here in Boulder yesterday and saw this scene.   

...The doctor confirmed that there was no injury to my knee apart from the arthritis I've known about for a few years.  Good news as it means that pain is a result of the muscle tear in my hip which I got snorkeling back in April, and it should continue to improve over the next six months.   Moving seems to help it the most, so I'm trying to pick up my hiking and walking, which, thankfully, is easy and fun to do around here.

...I'm loving these wide open spaces!  So liberating after being in the lush green of the east coast.

...The finishing touches are being put on the new stairway.  I hope it will be finished later this week so I can show you detailed photos.

...We're getting ready for some important company; the arrival of Ben's brother's family on Saturday.  Art is being hung, shelves are being cleared, and plans to have fun are being made.

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