Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Weekend

Ben's brother's family is flying in today!  Besides just having an enjoyable visit with us, they are checking Boulder out as a possible place to move to when Dawn retires in five or six years.  We are looking forward to showing them around.

But first I'm heading over to the Lafayette Peach Festival to pick up a box of the famous peaches grown in Palisade, Colorado.  Might not say no to a peach cobbler while I'm there.  We've gotten a few of these delicious peaches from the local farmer's market and can see why there is a whole festival built around them.

My knee and hip were finally feeling decent yesterday so I made my first hike up into Chautauqua, ending up on the Bluebell Shelter trail.  I was so happy to be back up there!  

While on the trail I shot this photo with my iPhone.  I took my Canon S120 on vacation but never used it and haven't found it since I've gotten back.  Photos like this make me wonder if I should even replace it; maybe the iPhone camera is good enough for most of my photography?

This afternoon is the karate studio annual picnic.  Paul's volunteer work in the day camps has landed him a spot of the Leadership Team, so not only is he part of the karate demonstration that will be part of the picnic, but he gets to wear this special uniform which has his name embroidered on the front.  He is rightly excited and we are rightly proud of him.

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