Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why We Moved to Boulder

Despite the fact that it reached 94 degrees yesterday I walked about six miles around the neighborhood.  First I went over to the University and back to attend a class (I'm taking World Art 100 as a "Senior Auditor"), and then to and from Boulder High for Paul's "Back to School Night."  That's a lot of walking in the hot bright sun, but it was mostly a pleasure since there is so much to see along the way.   

The Colorado University campus here in Boulder is quite beautiful and it's fun to walk around with all the young kids and remember my undergraduate days at the University of Maryland while dodging skateboarders and bicyclists.   On the way home from class I walked behind someone smoking pot on the street, a first for me.  He had a skateboard and a helmet and was holding a joint which he puffed on every now and again.  I continued to walk behind him, observing with some fascination, until I realized that I was breathing in the smoke and decided I'd better take another route home!  

On the way down to the high school Ben and I stopped in at a shipping store to mail something off and then stopped for a snack at a place that sold Thai "street food."   After two impressive hours at Paul's new school we walked home, stopping along the way to eat a late dinner at a local cafe.   I just love having stores and restaurants so convenient to our house. 

One of my favorite places to walk right now is at University and 7th Street where you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the Dance of the Sunflowers.   

The double lot there is planted with an abundance of sunflowers, making it a magical place to be.

Not to be outdone, the house across the street has a smaller, but still amazing display of sunflowers as well.  It's as though the two sides of the street are vying to see who can grow the biggest and most colorful beds of sunflowers.  It's quite wonderful!

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